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Tank container

Zhejiang Yonghe Refrigeration Co., Ltd. is the first company to be approved by the administrative department of the professional's own ISO tank container leasing company, is committed to the international market ISO tank container leasing business. France BV owns Veritas, Lloyd's Register and the China Classification Society and other institutions to issue certificates of international standard tank containers over 300 units.

The company is leasing a way to provide international standard tank containers, providing TPEDR134a (24m³), CCSR22 (20m³), CCSR22 (24m³), DOTR22 (22m³), TPEDR125 (22m³), TPEDR125 (24m³), CCSR32 (20m³), CCSR32 (22m³), DOTR32 (20m³) and other refrigerants Refrigerant international tank containers. Can filling R142b, R152a, R134a, R22, R404a, R407c, R125, R32, R410a, R143a and other media. To meet domestic and international production and sales enterprise refrigerant transport and storage. In addition, the container is an international multimodal tool, suitable for road, rail and water transport.
The company has professional management personnel and technical personnel to provide you with professional tank container leasing and service. Professional yard periodic review of assessment, strict tank inspection and maintenance standards, to provide you with safe, reliable tank, is your ideal choice!



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