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-25 ℃ antifreeze


   "Ice Loong" brand of high-quality long-term antifreeze basic information:
    Specifications: Weight 4KG;
    Type: -25 ℃ glycol type antifreeze;
    Quality index: Appearance clear and transparent liquid, freezing point lower than -25 ℃, boiling above 106.5 ℃.
    Efficacy: good antifreeze, anti-scaling, corrosion, anti-boil performance, and has a reduced scale, increase the boiling point, reduce the role of the foam.

Antifreeze Description:
     Full name antifreeze antifreeze coolant, which means there is antifreeze function of the cooling fluid, antifreeze can be prevented when the cold season parking Splitting coolant radiator and freezing frozen engine block.

     But we want to correct a misunderstanding, not just winter with antifreeze, car maintenance of normal projects, each with a year, would need to replace the engine antifreeze, antifreeze special vehicle replacement frequency is higher.

     In addition to selected antifreeze, antifreeze used in the process, the majority of owners also need to pay attention to the following aspects:

     Note a: Try to use the same brand of antifreeze.

     Metal corrosion inhibitor used in different brands of antifreeze is not the same, so different brands of antifreeze can not be mixed.

     Note II: when replacing old put the net liquid cooling system cleaned, and then replaced with a new solution;

     Note three: Avoid watered.

     Traditional models without antifreeze can not watered, that would generate precipitation, seriously affect the normal function of antifreeze.

     There are models antifreeze can be watered, but not against too much water.

     Note 4: Use antifreeze vehicle, not directly added water, should be added to distilled or deionized water.

     If there is no condition, add cold water better than tap water added. If the antifreeze due to leakage losses, the same brand of antifreeze should be added. Antifreeze should be four seasons, summer water use method is unscientific, is worth the candle.

     Note Five: Another key choice antifreeze is to ensure safety.

     Advanced antifreeze both corrosion, scaling, anti-boil, antifreeze, rust and other effects, but also play a very good protection for the tank, it can be used all year round. Quality antifreeze should look clear and transparent, and eye-catching color, no smell, and some low-quality antifreeze does not have to prevent freezing and boil function, although some antifreeze freezing point and the boiling point of qualifying, but corrosive, can tanks and piping "bite" riddled with problems, the impact of traffic.

     In order to protect your car, please use the high-quality "Ice Dragon" brand of high-quality long-term antifreeze.

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