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FEP emulsion/PTFE emulsion

Product name: FEP emulsion/PTFE emulsion
Property and uses:

It is milk white or light yellow emulsion. It has excellent heat stability, chemical inertness, low friction coefficient, and anti-gas permeability.

Product performance
Item Index
DC-1 DI-1
Appearance milk white or light yellow even dispersion liquid
solid content(W%) 50±2 50±2
emulsifying agent content(W%) 6±1 6±1
PH 8-9 8-9
Melt flow rate(g/10min) 2.0-5.0 5.1-8.0
Packaging, storage and transportation:

Packed with plastic drum; net weight is 25kg; avoid freezing and direct sunlight in storage; storage period is 3 months.

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